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I have started this webpage because I have been getting a lot of questions about testosterone pills and the claims that have been made on the internet.

Obviously people want safety and results when taking health supplements.

While most people will have no questions about regular vitamines, a lot of people are not familiair with testosterone pills so questions naturally rise.

What is Testosterone and What are It’s Effects?

Testosterone is nothing but a steroid body hormone belonging to the androgen group. In mammals it plays a very interesting and vital role as a sex hormone.

In males, they are mainly secreted as primary sex hormone in their testes and in females as secondary sex hormone, in their ovaries.

However, some amounts of it are also released by the adrenal glands present in both the sexes.

This hormone is also anabolic in nature.

Testosterone in Men

In male humans, a vital role in developing the male reproductive tissues like prostate and testis is played by this testosterone.

It is also responsible for the promotion of secondary sexual features like increased bone mass, muscle structure, body-hair growth, sex drive, etc.

However, it is also very much important for maintaining the health of a person. It takes care of the general energy and activeness in a person.

Although we say that testosterone is secreted in both males and females, it is to be noted that the secretion in an adult male human males is 10 times more than that in female humans.

Nevertheless, female humans are more sensitive to it than male humans.

Side Effects of Testosterone

Testosterone has varying physiological effects on humans, right from their prenatal stage to early infancy to pre-peripuberty to puberty to adulthood to old-age.

The effects of testosterone can roughly categorized as anabolic and virilizing. By anabolic, it is meant that this hormone is responsible for the grown of muscle mass and bones both in males and females.

The overall strength of the muscles, the high density of the bones, their maturation and the increased linear growth of the body in males take place due to the influence of this hormone.

The androgenic effects in males involve development of sex organs, especially the penis and the scrotum, right from the prenatal stage, deepening of voice at puberty, growth of facial and axillary hair, etc.

In females, their optimum level of sexual desire and sensitivity, high energy level, feel-good factor, decreased tenderness of breasts, etc are brought about by the testosterone.

It also makes menopause a less painful process. The virilizing effects are mainly meant for females. It indicates the development of male sexual characteristics in females due to excess testosterone secretion.

Symptoms and Ill-Effects Of Low Testosterone Levels

As men grow in their life, with age the level of testosterone goes on decreasing.

This is a result of some physical and chemical factors. This is the very reason why men start losing their energy and activeness with increasing age.

However, in some males, the testosterone level is low right from the very beginning. This can be because of hormonal or genetic disorder, testes injuries or infection in the testis or systematic diseases.

This kind of abnormal low testosterone level is called hypogonadism or Low T condition. The symptoms and ill-effects of Low T condition are as follows:

  • Reduced sex drive and sexual sensitivity
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Diminished density and mass of muscles.

HGH Supplements As An Efficient Way To Increase Testosterone Levels ?

The ill-effects of this deficiency become more prominent with age.

So if you are going through it or know someone who is going through it, do not neglect it. Get instant help by a health care professional.

Even if you are not having abnormally low levels of testosterone, you might still wish to increase the present level for increased good effects of the same.

After all, who wouldn’t want to have his or her energy level and sex drive intact even at the age of 40 or more? Other reasons for craving high testosterone levels may be prevention of osteoporosis, delaying aging, stimulating appetite, etc.

So, whatever the reason may be, you always have the option of taking supplements for testosterone.

And when you take HGH supplements, you can guarantee yourself a wonderful experience.

HGH or the Growth Hormone is nothing but a protein-based peptide hormonal secretion that enhances growth and reproduction & regeneration of cells.

Healthy HGH- and testosterone levels offer the following benefits:

  • Increased energy level and mental alertness
  • Better body immunity
  • Better cardiac function with optimum cholesterol level
  • Reduction of fat
  • Higher density and mass of muscle tissues
  • Better sleeping and mood patterns
  • Increased sex drive and sensitivity
  • Solution to Erectile Dysfunction

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