The Threat of a Low Testerone Level

Testerone is one of the most important hormones produced in the human’s body. In fact, it is often called as the “King Hormone” due its role in the development of the human characteristics.

This hormone is categorized under the androgen group which is the primary influencer of our body’s growth and development. To further discuss, these hormones are common in males and females and are produced in the sex organs, testes and ovary.

In regards with its production, male produces more testerone than females because its main role is to develop the male reproductive organ. This is very much evident through the male secondary characteristics such as the appearance of its body hairs, increase in muscle and bone mass.

What was stated earlier in this article is just the main of the crop because there are more which testerone can give the human body. This is in the form of physical strength and social wellbeing. There is such a thing which we call as an interdependent relationship within a man’s body. And indeed, it is true. Everything is affected with its single part. In the case wherein there is a low testerone production, possibilities may lead to further problems. These usually happens when a man reach the age of 30 and beyond.

Based on medical researches, low testerone is merely a manifestation of its root cause. Therefore, as medical results show a decline in the testerone level of a man, an underlying cause is waiting to be revealed and it needs to be corrected as soon as possible because, clearly, it hugely affects a person’s daily activities.

There have been studies which are proven are stating that synthetic analogs of testerone accelerates muscle development and enhances muscular strength. Therefore, low testerone level can be a threat in a person’s muscular development and functions. Many of today’s athletes, and even those who participated in bodybuilding competitions, are into the use of synthetic testerone to help them achieve their maximum potentials.

To sum it up, testerone has two main functions in the human health. These are the development and maintenance of the male reproductive system and promote its secondary characteristics and facilitate muscle and bone growth. Now tell me, do you want to mess up with these kinds of functioning? I guess not because these are very crucial in your daily activities and routines. As soon as you see some signs and symptoms of low testerone production, consult medical experts immediately. Looking at the details of those medical researches, low testerone levels are caused by many factors which are centered by the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.

testerone is very essential in the human’s health. Proper care and knowledge of its functioning should be our concern to keep our system protected for its after effect. Make sure that you know even its basics for you to clearly assess what is going on in your body.

Make a low testerone level not a problem in your daily activities. Make health and wellness your number one priority in life.