Testerone in Focus!

Have you wondered how a male became male and how female becomes female? Are you wondering why male have different physical characteristics than female? Why men’s figure is more firm and strong than female does?

Well, were not talking here anything that discriminates the female’s strength but of pure anatomy and physiology. So here’s the key then. It is due to a hormone known as “testerone”.

Testerone are hormones produced by the testes in males and/or ovaries in females. The quantity of its production determines a person’s sex simply because testerone are the ones responsible for the development of the male’s reproductive system.

At the same time, it is also the hormone that is responsible in the growth and development of the male’s secondary characteristics such as the deepening of the voice during puberty and the growth of the body’s muscle mass and bones.

If you could notice, the physique of men is bigger than those of female. This can be attested with their bone sizes and body figure. Since testerone are more in numbers in men compared to women, men are showing bigger physique than them. And there’s no debate in that area because it is clearly manifested. In terms of strength, since men are created to be of higher testerone level, then, their muscle mass bones are more developed leading them to acquire higher strength than female does.

But there is nothing wrong with that unless underproduction of the said hormones occur. Through many researches, it is proven that synthetic analogs of testerone accelerate muscle mass and enhances muscle strength. That is why many athletes prefer to use these hormones to accelerate the result they want to achieve.

Even in bodybuilding activities, these hormones are also in use. That is why in the medical field, testerone are called the “king hormone” because it facilitates strength and figure. In health and fitness, it is known that these hormones have two primary functions which are the formation and development of the male organs and its secondary characteristics and enhances growth and development of the muscles and bones.

Since testerone are one of the most essential hormones produced in the body, then, it is granted that we are ought to protect it. This can be done through learning its basic information and help yourself from getting caught into a situation wherein low testerone levels occur in your body.

There are cases that are completely out of your control in which low testerone happen, but if cases are, make sure to know the best remedy to choose. There’s nothing wrong in having a complete awareness of things that is happening inside your very own body.

To gain complete control, always remember the phrase that “health is wealth” and to maintain wealth, “always keep your body in the realms of health and fitness”. Find out more ways on how to improve your testerone level to maintain them from its normal levels.

Gain your optimum strength and feel young the way you deserve it!