What is Testosterone and How Can it Contribute The Female Body

Hormones play a huge role in the growth and development of human life.

There are many of them to consider and testosterone is one of them. Many believed that the existence of these minute particles in the human body has a significant participation in the body’s internal activities and, yes, it’s true.

Testosterone is a hormone that facilitates the manly character of a person regardless of his or her gender. In fact, according to the studies, these hormones are found in both male and female body.

The only difference matters on their number of production since testosterone are very much dominant in the male’s system than in the females.

So what is testosterone and how can it supplement human growth and development? What are their contributions to the existing life itself?

Taking their brief description, testosterones are the hormones that are dominant in the male body. However, they are also found in the female body.

These hormones are produced by the male and female reproductive organs to facilitate a definite purpose and that revolves around the growth, development and stability of the male characteristics, may it be primary or secondary sex characteristics.

You might be wondering why a woman needs testosterones when, in fact, testosterones are for male characteristics? You might be questioning “what is testosterone’s contribution in the female’s development?” Let me clearly define things out for you.

Since testosterone are the ones responsible in the growth, development and stability of the male characteristics, then it is granted, that testosterones are the one responsible for muscle growth making men look like real men due to their physique.

Testosterone facilitates muscle growth that is essential in the body’s mobility factors. Muscles are not attached to the bones just for aesthetic purposes but also for an essential function in the body’s movement – mobility. Of course, female need that too!

At the same time, testosterones play a huge role in a person’s performance because it is closely related to speed concerns. According to many studies, muscle growth has a direct relationship with the body’s speed simply because of the body’s increase in its ATP production when more muscles are available.

In this way, more muscle cells can work hand in hand for the enhancement of men’s daily activities. More so, there will be more room for oxygen storage in the body. Muscles are the ones that act as storage hub of oxygen in the human body. “storage”, meaning, it is a place wherein oxygen that is not yet used in the body are temporarily stored for further use later on and as the need arises.

The question “what is testosterone and how can it contribute the female body” is a question that can be answered pointing to its benefits and uses.
Testosterones can be very minute in size but its contribution is a direct opposite of it.

When these hormones loose out of sight, the balance in the body’s growth and development could also be out of tune. In this way, the stability factor of the body will also be lost. So if asked “what is testosterone and how can it help the females”, come to think of it!