What is Andropause and How Does it Affect Men?

andropauseWomen are known to have their menstrual cycle and as they age, could reach to a point wherein their period stops which is known as their menopausal stage.

This is due to the hormonal imbalances occurring inside the body. This is very normal for the aging people and no one could have the power not to undergo such changes.

That is what we knew for women. But do you know that they exist in men too? No, not the menstruation and menstrual cycles but on the area of hormonal imbalances that could greatly affect their manhood or their virility.

That is something we need to understand to help us prepare for the possibilities we can acquire as we reach that age boundary. That is something we need to understand to help us have a better definition of what lies ahead of us. So what is andropause by the way?

Andropause, or the male menopause-like features, happen due to hormonal changes in the body as men reach their aging limits. It is always connected or is always linked with the low testosterone production in men.

That is because testosterones are the hormones that are responsible for the growth, development and stability of the male’s primary and secondary sex characteristics. That includes some functioning that can only be manifested by men such as erectile and ejaculation.

All of these are controlled by testosterone. Most of the time, that makes a man feel like a real man.

Andropause can affect a man in both areas of his emotional and physical well-being. But on the other side of the rope, it can affect all areas of his life because it may lead him to low self-esteem later on.

These are possibilities we want our men not to experience at all. Knowing what andropause is can be something like knowing the overall functioning of the hormones most especially the human growth hormones and the testosterone since they are the ones who has a direct connection with the state known as andropause.

As what is said earlier, andropause can cause the loss in a person’s sexual desires. That is one of the manifestations seen when a man experiences the andropause stage. Another manifestation is when his mood swings.

Yes, you heard it right. Both men and women experiences mood swings when hormonal changes occur inside his system. Decrease in weight due to the decrease in a person’s body mass is another manifestation we need to consider in andropause. The manifestation that was later laid has something to do with energy and strength too.

Finding out what andropause is really about could help us defining men in thousands of ways and in a better perspective. There are lots of things we still need to know about andropause. Some of them are laid forth before us and some are yet to discover. The update of technology could help us know what andropause is and how it affects men as a whole.

In this way, we could be a better wife, child, friend and mother to them. Knowing the details of such hormonal changes could help us appreciate life more and more each day.