The Cause of a Decline in Men’s Androgen levels

Androgens are hormones that are considered as the prime stimulators in the growth and development of the male characteristics. It serves as the control hormones for the male characteristics, both primary and secondary characteristics.

These groups of hormones are usually steroid hormones that boost its production during puberty until middle adulthood. It is where the rapid growth and development is occurring in men. Hormonal changes are being felt through the different changes manifested physically. This includes the appearance of body hairs, enlargement of muscles, deepening of the voice and many others.

But these changes slow down when men reached late adulthood and mostly become a problem to many men. The declining androgen levels can bring many complications. However, these are quite normal because this is a mere part of the aging process.

When androgen levels declines, it simply means that your hormonal activities are slowing down due to aging process. This are mainly characterized by many signs and symptoms such as decreased strength and vitality, sagging muscles, age lines, wrinkles and many others.

Even erectile dysfunction is also pointed out as a result of low androgen levels in the body. Many researchers are trying to find out its root cause for many years and had found out that these changes are merely affected with a hormone known as the human growth hormone or HGH which are secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. Other hormones are affected by the HGH because these are considered to be the “king hormone” in the body. The hormonal activities inside the body are related and dependent with each other.

To aid the declining androgen levels of the body, technology had showed us numerous of ways to consider in our decision making process.

There are invasive procedures which are more risky to consider, oral supplements, pills and sprays that give you no pain at all and there are those injectibles which are giving you a little prick in the skin. GenF20Plus and GenFx are some of those supplements that are safe for intake because they are naturally manufactured and are composed of natural herbal ingredients.

People who desire to slow down the aging process should take on full accountability by choosing the safest way possible in their health related issues.

Slowing down in the production of the human growth hormone which eventually leads to the declining androgen levels of the body is not a disease to consider because it is a natural phenomenon in our body.

However, we can always choose to be well from anything that can hinder us from performing our normal day to day functioning. It is granted that we can’t afford to let go of our routines and are therefore finding ways to achieve the betterment of one’s state of health.

The only thing that needs to be foreseen is how to keep oneself from betterment while reducing its risks involved. And in this case, there is nothing more better than to use the natural methods of enhancing the state of health and wellness in a person’s life.