Protein and Testosterone: How are they connected?

Testosterone is a hormone that is known to be the hormone which is responsible for building up muscle cells in the body. That is aside from their primary responsibilities which are the formation, growth, development and stability of male sex characteristics.

The intake of testosterone supplements is a strategy which most players, especially those which are attending muscle building competitions, are using to attain the shape they want to have in a faster phase than performing the usual muscle building exercises.

On the other hand, there are people who are more favorable in lowering down body weight and maintain a slim and well-shaped body figure. In these cases, medical practitioners are mostly suggesting their clients to take in or implement a high protein, low carbohydrates diet. So, the question falls in how do these things connected with each other.

Testosterone is a natural hormone produced by the body through the aid of the human growth hormones secreted by the anterior pituitary gland just below the brain. Although the primary function of testosterone in the body, testosterone is also responsible in the build up of muscle cells which are concerned with the production of strength in the body. At the same time, these hormones are also the ones responsible in the growth of body hairs in the body.

In the human anatomy and physiology, these hormones, testosterone, is produced in the reproductive organs which are true to both male and female sexes. To take a closer look of this kind of hormone, one could say that their production can be affected by aging of men. This can be further defined by the fact that the human growth hormone is the one responsible in stimulating the production of the other hormones in the body including testosterone.

Therefore, as we age, the human growth hormones declines in its production and therefore, low testosterone levels are inevitable. Aside from that, the production of testosterone can also be affected by the diet we choose to take in.

As what I’ve said earlier in this article, many studies are proving that high protein and low carbohydrates diet are showing significant result in trimming down body fats and eventually lower a person’s body weight leading him into a well-formed figure.

But aside from the aesthetics or physicality, this result can also be evidenced by massive research using a scientific explanation. Studies show that when a person is taking in more proteins but less carbohydrate in the body, more testosterones are taken out in the body through urinary excretion. That is how the body naturally works. It is a normal response of the body when we take in more protein and less carbohydrates.

The process can be done using the transport of the essential elements through the blood to keep life going. There is a definite ratio of protein and carbohydrates that need to be maintained in the body and, in cases wherein the ratio is not met, the body will find ways to keep the balance intact. The only way to keep the balance is to excrete more testosterone in the body through urination. This simply means flushing out testosterone in the body through the diet you choose to take in.

This only proves that testosterone and protein are connected with each other depending on what outcome you want to see in your body. It is the individual’s decision whether he wants to gain weight through muscle building or to loose weight through high protein diet.

Then, there are questions if high protein diet can bring harm to a person’s health status. Well, the answer to such question depends on how you deal with it. Everything in this world has its own limitations. That is true even to our food intake and how our body responds with it. There is a definite limitation wherein our body’s normal functioning in the inside can tolerate.

We must secure health and safety and therefore needs medical advice prior from controlling the food we take in with our diets. It is good to look in shape. But, it is better to look good and feel good inside out. It is more important to secure what was deep within our body rather than prioritizing the body’s physicality. Maintaining the balance of its normal functioning can resolve it all.

Testosterone is highly essential in the body. This is one fact which we must not forget. Saving the best of life can be as beautiful as taking care of our own body.

You need not to take the path of high protein, low carbohydrate diet when we age because, clearly, our body needs more testosterone to keep the balance of life moving.

We need testosterone to grow and develop more muscle cell in our system sustaining the energy we need in our day to day life. Secure quality life more as we age.