Knowing the Symptoms for Andropause

Are you aware of what’s happening inside you? Are you aware of what the future can bring in your body? Do you know the natural processes your body needs to undergo as you age?

Here are some of them to consider.

Females can relate themselves to menopause which is the body’s natural process as the body stops the production of estrogen and progesterone in them.

This is a process that stops a woman from having her menstrual cycle each month. This is very much known by the society because it is something that can be clearly manifested due to its evidently occurring signs and symptoms.

This can be directly seen by the naked eyes. On the opposite side, there is another natural process that is not common to all but is true to all men. This is the process known as andropause, or, the male version for menopause.

In this case, there are no symptoms seen such as the stoppage of a monthly period or mood swings. However, the signs and symptoms for andropause is something that can be manifested throughout a man’s life that can affect a person’s manly character.

When most of us think that men are not that affected with the condition, come to think of it after you know its basic signs and symptoms. Men produce low testosterone level as they age.

This usually occurs when men reaches mid-adulthood. This is a main concern for men since testosterone is the one that is responsible in the growth, development and stability of the male’s primary and secondary sex characteristics.

When we talk about this in details, we are referring to many sub-characteristics a man possess in his life such as sex drive, production of sperms, its body hairs and muscle and bone stability. When there is a low production of testosterones in the body, can you image what could happen?

There are many signs and symptoms to consider. One of this is weight gain and sleeping problems. Since there is an alteration in the body’s homeostatic balance, then, everything inside you is affected. You could feel easily irritated making you consumes more energy within.

That is why a person who undergoes the aging process could easily feel tired. At the same time, symptoms for andropause shows that men who undergoes the process could feel less of man due to some of its manifestation related to sex.

They could feel some erectile dysfunction and slowly diminishing sex drive. After feeling all of these symptoms, a man who experiences andropause could feel some social and emotional functioning since everything in us is connected with each other.

Feeling all of these signs and symptoms can be slowed down through the help of medical experts. In today’s technological advancement, many had experienced the enhancement of their state of health despite the aging process.

Signs and symptoms is something that men should not be afraid of but should be faced with smiles and glee knowing that they can beat this kind of thing nowadays. Through the advancements, we can defy the signs of aging simply by knowing the right thing to do.