Is It Low T that You are Suffering: Know Its Symptoms and Causes

For men, testosterone is probably the most important hormone that gives them what it makes and takes to be a man.

Right from a deep manly voice to facial hair, to ever increasing libido and production of sperm, all these factors are dependent on the level of testosterone in the body of the men.

When you find a man suffering from the following diseases like excessively low sex drive or libido or being tired both mentally and physically without a valid reason, having troubles when it comes to sleep, mood swings like getting irritated quiet often or being anxious or hyper, increase in the blood pressure leading to cardiovascular problems or becoming fat suddenly – do you think that is it low T that is responsible for these things?

Then you are absolutely right. All these things are a result of low level of testosterone in the human body.

You must be wondering on the question “is it low T that is causing you so much trouble?” and if yes then what are the reasons that can cause low testosterone level in the body.

Let’s discuss about the few reasons that cause low level of testosterone in your body.

The first reason that is responsible for this low T in our body is the fact that we all are growing old each day.

Ageing is a very crucial reason for this disease. The level of testosterone is the highest in the time of puberty and gradually decreases as we grow old.

Men above 40 years of age can feel their energy level dropping and weakness in their muscle and joints.

The second reason that can contribute to the chances of getting this disease is if you have injured your scrotum or testicles.

Testosterone, this hormone is released from the testes of a man. So if your testes or scrotum is wounded then it might release a less amount of testosterone in your body.

Therefore your body produces a relatively lower amount of testosterone.

You can ask is it low T that makes you gain a lot of weight and make you obese. It is not true. Due to low testosterone you do not gain weight.

But it’s the other way round. If you get fat then it is more likely that you will have low testosterone level as to develop strong bones, men needs estrogen which is a women hormone.

But the transformation of testosterone to estrogen takes place in the fat cells. So if you get fat then the testosterone in your body will be converted to estrogen.

Some of the other causes that make answer your question that is it low T that you are suffering from are radiation and chemotherapy, steroids or drugs that boost up your performances and various infections.

Chemotherapy and radiation can damage many cells in your body even the cells of the testicles thus resulting in the secretion of low testosterone in your body.

Drugs taken to boost up performances can reduce the size of your testes, and therefore will result in the production of low T.