Four Causes of Testosterone Deficiency

low testosterone symptomsA man suffering from serious deficiency of testosterone can have hypogonadism but the severity of the problem may differ from one person to a different.

However for the other symptoms of androgenic hormone or testosterone deficiency in men may have universal similarities.

To enumerate some of the symptoms, this includes feeling changes, ill temper, exhaustion, lethargy, sexual dysfunction, impotence problems, loss of sexual libido, brittle bones, reduced muscle strength as well as anemia.

About Male Hypogonadism

Classical male hypogonadism might often result from primary testicular disease like Klinefelters symptoms but may also result from deterioration of the pituitary gland or even hypothalamus in the brain.

Men hypogonadism is estimated in order to affect 5 out of one thousand men and this is considered probably the most common forms of hormonal inadequacies among men.

Physiological androgen alternative is considered a good replacement to bring back the circulating testosterone focus back to normal among men struggling with hypogonadism.

The following are some of the typical reasons that decrease the creation of testosterone in the male’s body that causes deficiency of the actual hormone.

Cause #1: Testicular Disorders

  • Cryptorchidism and problems of testes development referred to as twisted or strangulated souffrance
  • Orchitis which is the swelling of the testes which may lead to permanent damage
  • Orchidectomy that is the removal of the testes surgically
  • Klinefelter syndrome
  • Toxin publicity which includes exposure to radiation, radiation treatment, radiotherapy, domestic, industrial and also environmental poisons

Cause #2: Brain Disorders (Hypothalamic-Pituitary Dysregulation)

  • A genetic disorder called Kallmanns syndrome and other hereditary disorders
  • Pituitary gland tumour as well as treatment like surgical treatment or irradiation
  • Haemochromatosis (Blood iron disorder)
  • Craniopharyngioma (benign tumor of the brain)

Trigger #3: Some External Aspects

  • Aging
  • Smoking,
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Medication use such as anabolic steroid drugs, opiates, glucocorticoids
  • Acute crucial illness, burns, major stress or surgery
  • Chronic illnesses and their treatment


Regardless of the underlying factors behind testosterone insufficiency, you can target the issue via universal testosterone supplementation.

Sexual energy replacement therapy (TRT) has got the purpose to restore circulating sexual energy concentration back to normal among males suffering from all degrees of hypogonadism.

TRT is considered very effective within the restoration of blood the male growth hormone levels to normal levels and it is both safe and effective as a treatment for all symptoms related to testo-sterone deficiency.

Testosterone use in the particular management of middle older and elderly men who else show symptoms of low androgenic hormone or testosterone level but are not struggling with either testicular disorders or perhaps brain disorders as a reason for their testosterone deficiency is the greatest method of treating the symptoms. This really is considered one of the most growing treatments for some illnesses.

Hypogonadal men are the most under-diagnosed group of almost all testosterone deficient individuals. Regarding this condition are not specific and is confused with pre-existing medical conditions for example obesity and other chronic ailments, sleep difficulties, lethargy, insufficient sexual desire, anxiety, irritability, memory space loss, reduced concentration along with mood changes.

Such person may have a testosterone bloodstream test which is at the bottom finish of the normal level. Just make sure to consult a qualified healthcare professional when you may have health related issues.