Why do you want to look up on HyperGH14X review?

Are you a weightlifter who spends countless hours in the gym lifting weights, pumping out push-ups and squatting, until your legs give out only to become frustrated by the lack of muscle growth despite all your hard work?

Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence and it can derail your efforts to achieve growth and definition in your muscles, when you are not seeing any results.

Bodybuilders especially work ten times harder than the average Joe trying to gain a great deal of muscle mass. After all, a lot of times it is their profession so they need to be in the best shape possible.

But even the average Joe deserves something for his efforts. Now there is a product that promises to provide muscle growth faster and better than you could have ever imagined.

How does it do that?

That’s what we’ll discuss in this HyperGH14X review.

HyperGH14X: Stimulating Hormone Growth

HyperGH14X is a human growth hormone (HGH) stimulator.

Your body naturally produces HGH, but not everybody produces it at the same rate. Some people suffer from HGH deficiencies and are prescribed HGH therapy.

However, in the case of bodybuilders that prefer natural HGH bodybuilding, HyperGH14X is used to stimulate the growth of HGH, so it is merely activating the body to do something it normally does already.

Product Features

HyperGH14X has many features that bodybuilders and avid weight lifters need,


  • A boost in exercise-induced growth hormone response
  • Boost in HGH release timed with your body’s circadian rhythm
  • The triple advantage delivery system with HGH precursors and an enteric absorption system

All these features represent what any bodybuilder or weight lifter would want.

By taking HyperGH14X before your workout, you will be able to work harder and increase your hormone response to your high intensity/heavy resistance workouts.

When you take the second recommended dose at night before bed, there is an increase in the pulses right after you fall asleep so it coincides with your body’s natural sleep rhythms. Plus, your quality of sleep will improve as well.

HyperGH14X also provides 930 mg of fifteen HGH precursors (which is why you need to take four capsules per day). One of those precursors is Alpha GPC (the nasal spray), which activates fast-twitch fibers and increases HGH release during your workouts.

Let’s now concentrate on the buyers.

You sure would love to know how buyers rate the product, right?

HyperGH14X Review– What Do Buyers Like About the Product?

So far HyperGH14X is winning over those who have already purchased it and made it part of their workout regimen.

Some of what people love about the product is that they:

  • See results in as little as six weeks
  • Do not need a prescription or injections
  • Stack on pounds of lean, hard muscle
  • Get a major boost of energy
  • Experience faster recovery times

Most people when they try something new want to see results fast. Any bodybuilder will tell you that muscle does not grow overnight—it takes months and even years of hard work.

So when a product comes along that shows a noticeable change in your physique in as early as six weeks, that is something to rave about.

Also, the fact that they do not need a prescription or administer daily injections is one less thing to worry about as well.

Recovering faster during workouts also means you do not have to wait a few days to get back into your hardcore training—you are recovered and you have more energy.

HyperGH14X Review– What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product

You cannot have some good without some bad. Even though HyperGH14X is showing great promise in the bodybuilding sector, there are some who are skeptical about it.

Some of the concerns are:

  • Not liking the nasal spray method of administering the hormone
  • Having to take/spray it twice a day
  • Concern over side effects
  • The cost

When it comes to taking medications, supplements or anything else, people have their preference. Shooting a nasal spray up your nose may not appeal to you.

Some people may not like taking four capsules a day—two in the morning and two at night. HyperGH14X says there are no side effects and their research has backed that up.

Finally, the cost for a six-month supply well exceeds three hundred dollars. If you are already spending hundreds of dollars on supplements and vitamins, paying for one more thing may not always fit into your budget. There, however, are less expensive options like a three or one-month supply.


Overall, this product has been proven safe and effective. Bodybuilders have seen great results using HyperGH14X, and it has taken out much of the guesswork when it comes to natural hgh muscle growth.

While this product is geared mostly towards serious, hard core bodybuilders, it is safe enough for an avid weight lifter to use. While it may be a bit costly, you cannot expect something that works that well to be given away.

As the saying goes—you have to spend money to make money. And if you are a professional bodybuilder, you are surely already spending tons of money on products and supplements that do not work as well as HyperGH14X.

This HyperGH14X review recommends the product to serious bodybuilders.

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