Weight loss – Does testosterone really help?

Many experts are of the opinion that testosterone can be the magic drug for many people, especially the obese men.

Testosterone can lead to weight loss as per some of the recent studies. But there are some doctors who are not impressed by the results of these tests.

Some of the studies have shown positive results in case of obese men wherein a shot of testosterone have led to weight loss. But some of the top doctors are not sure about the value of such results.

Does testosterone really lead to weight loss?

Speaking of testosterone and weight loss, the hormone deficient men are given testosterone doses in the similar way as older women are given HRT.

It should be noted here that testosterone levels start to drop in most of the men who are in the age group of 40 and 50 years. Men, in this age group also suffer from symptoms like erectile deficiency, fatigue as well as lack of energy.

It has been noticed that testosterone replacement therapy is sometimes prescribed for these conditions. Experts have linked low testosterone as one of the major reasons leading to obesity.

In a recent study, it has been found that those who have gone for the testosterone replacement therapy have lost around 35 pounds in weight. Apart from this, their body mass index has also dropped from 34 to 29.

Thus, intake of testosterone has lead to weight loss and have helped obese people to move to the category of overweight.

Along with this, those who have gone for the hormone replacement therapy, have found that there has been an improvement in their cholesterol and triglyceride levels and has also lowered their blood pressure.

What do the doctors opine about intake of testosterone for weight loss?

Though the results have been quite impressive, but there are doctors who are apprehensive to order testosterone shots to help obese men lose their weight. Doctors are not sure that the weight loss after testosterone shots is really a result of the therapy.

It may be the case that the testosterone shots have increased the energy levels in these people which helped in increasing their physical activity thereby leading to weight loss.

Obese men who are undergoing the hormone therapy may feel better and stronger, health-wise which may have encouraged them to exercise more and follow a given diet. This might also lead to weight loss.

Most doctors are of the opinion that testosterone shouldn’t be looked up as a miracle drug helping in weight-loss. Before getting over-excited with it, the doctors opine that further tests, studies and researches should be conducted and then any decision should be taken in this regard.

Though the recent testosterone therapy has not led to an increased risk of prostate cancer, higher intake of testosterone may have various side effects. One of them is prostate cancer. Apart from this, acne, baldness, etc. are some of the major side effects of testosterone.

So, if you wish to intake testosterone for weight loss, consult an expert doctor in this regard. He/she will guide you regarding the form and doses of testosterone so that you face minimum side effects of this steroid.